As part of its mission to bring writers and readers of speculative fiction together, Clarion West holds a number of events throughout the year.

Summer Reading Series

Each week during the summer workshop, Clarion West presents one of its six instructors reading their best new work which could include selections from recently published books, unpublished stories, or novels-in-progress. The featured reader also answers questions about writing, teaching, editing, and other topics.

Summer Write-a-thon

The Write-a-thon is Clarion West’s six-week-long annual online fundraiser. Participants set public writing goals on their personal Write-a-thon page, then work toward them. Friends and family can pledge donations in support. It’s like a walkathon, but with writing.

Author Interviews

From time to time, Clarion West brings together authors and the public for the opportunity to interview prominent writers in both intimate and public settings. When possible, Clarion West teams up with other organizations to make this happen.

Last July, Clarion West teamed up with the Wing Luke Museum to interview Yoon Ha Lee. Stay tuned for more great events this summer.

Steven Barnes, Nisi Shawl, and Matt Ruff
2017 Clarion West Author Interview
Event poster for author interview


Open Mic Events

In 2018, Clarion West held it’s first open mic event at Naked City Brewing. The event included an hour of open mic operated by Two Hour Transport, a raffle of collectible SF/F items, and special guest readers Randy Henderson, Seanan McGuire, Evan Peterson, and E. Lily Yu. Stay tuned for another event in 2019.