Donor Spotlight: Susan C. Petrey Fund

by Evan J. Peterson (CW ’15) We love our donors. That may sound glib, but in 2020, support for the arts and social progress cannot be taken for granted. Clarion West nurtures writers of science fiction (and fantasy, horror, and other speculative genres) — we support the artists who imagine better futures and reimagine the present and past. Our … Continue reading Donor Spotlight: Susan C. Petrey Fund

Welcome New Board Members and Staff

by Marnee Chua, Executive Director As we approach the end of this year, I am pleased to share that several individuals have joined the Clarion West Board of Directors in 2020. Their addition to the board will help us better position the organization to grow, build capacity, and achieve our plans to make our workshops more … Continue reading Welcome New Board Members and Staff

Join us for #GivingTuesday!

Since 1984, Clarion West has held workshops with the intention of providing a safe space for writers to imagine new worlds. A place to re-imagine the fundamental issues within our societies, technologies, politics, prejudices, and fears. Consider making a gift to Clarion West on #GivingTuesday during the global day of giving and support our year-end … Continue reading Join us for #GivingTuesday!

Trivia Night Is Coming!

Calling all ensigns, pirates, dungeon crawlers, and apprentice witches! Think you have what it takes to outwit the competition? Clarion West is bringing you our second annual Speculative Fiction Trivia Night–now fully online! Support our accessible and low-cost writing workshops by signing up, forming a team or joining one at random, and choosing your ship … Continue reading Trivia Night Is Coming!

BIPOC Stories Matter!

Clarion West seeks to foster a global community of writers and readers. To do so, Clarion West must actively support and make room for a great deal more diversity in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and their related works. Our anti-racist efforts include partnering with organizations like Writing the Other, FIYAHCON, and Voodoonauts and focusing on … Continue reading BIPOC Stories Matter!

Scholarships Available for BIPOC+ Writers!

Did you know? We offer a limited number of full scholarships for each class to Black and Indigenous writers and writers from other marginalized backgrounds on a first come, first served basis. Please email us at with a one-paragraph statement about your scholarship interest and need. Please include the name of the class to … Continue reading Scholarships Available for BIPOC+ Writers!

Thank You For A Remarkable Write-a-thon!

That’s a wrap! We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Write-a-thon: every writer, every donor, every instructor, every reader, every audience member. You make Clarion West possible. In a harrowing year that feels like science fiction, you all joined us as we launched a hugely ambitious experiment to go fully online with … Continue reading Thank You For A Remarkable Write-a-thon!

For Juneteenth: Recommended Readings by Black Authors

Black Stories Matter What follows is the beginning of a living document listing the Clarion West community’s recommended reading by Black and African American authors. These authors are our alumni, instructors, staff, friends, and heroes, and they include writers of Clarion San Diego as well. While we wish to keep this list focused on science … Continue reading For Juneteenth: Recommended Readings by Black Authors

Clarion West Supports Black Lives Matter and the Struggle for Change

Clarion West condemns the ongoing injustice and violence against the Black community in America. Clarion West is not a political organization, yet there is no denying that fiction can be political, especially fiction created out of hope or despair or anger, or that envisions worlds that could have been or ones that are yet to … Continue reading Clarion West Supports Black Lives Matter and the Struggle for Change