One-Day Workshops

Throughout the year, Clarion West invites acclaimed instructors to teach a six-hour class in Seattle’s University District. These intensive single day workshops contain many of the elements of our Six-Week Workshop, such as instructor-facilitated group critique, and discussions about technique or professional concerns. They are available to anyone aged 18 or older for a $150 fee unless otherwise noted.

All One-Day Workshops take place in Seattle’s University District, in an accessible building near many bus routes. If you have questions about the accessibility of the workshop location, format, or content, please contact



When Worldviews Collide: Character as Conflict

September 18 •  Susan Palwick • Details and registration 

Conflict is the engine of story, and conflicts arise between and among (and within!) characters. This workshop will begin by discussing how writers create fully rounded fictional characters. From there, you will analyze various aspects of point of view to explore how characters perceive the world and their roles within. Then you will put all of this together to discover how conflict can arise organically—and in fact is often inevitable—simply from putting two or more characters in a room together.


Voice and Diversity

October 9 •  Nisi Shawl Details and registration

As an author you can use voice to make a diverse cast of characters vividly real. In this workshop, you’ll analyze both familiar and unfamiliar speech patterns with lectures, discussion, and selected reading. You will learn firsthand some of the problems inherent in phoneticization and “eye-dialect,” and do exercises to practice alternative techniques for representing nonstandard speech in narrative and dialogue.


Rewriting and Revisioning

November 20 •  Cat Rambo Details and registration

Learning to trust your editing skills makes you more productive when producing early drafts, because you can relax in the knowledge that you can make anything better. Cat’s three-step process will help you make a story its best, as well as giving you an easy method for knowing when a story’s ready to send out.


Integrating Character, Plot, and Worldbuilding

December 4 •  David Levine Details and registration

Many writers are naturals with characters or worldbuilding, but struggle with plot; others have no difficulty plotting but find their characters flat. Hugo-winning writer David D. Levine shows you his process for developing characters, plot, and setting simultaneously and cohesively.


Clarion West’s One-Day Workshop series is sponsored in part by 4Culture and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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