Pat Cadigan sold her first professional science fiction story in 1980 and became a full-time writer in 1987. She is the author of fifteen books, including the two Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning novels Synners and Fools. She has also won the Locus Award three times, and won the Hugo Award for her novelette, “The Girl-Thing Who Went Out For Sushi,” which also won the Seiun Award in Japan. Cadigan has been a speaker at universities, literary festivals, and cultural gatherings around the world, including M.I.T., Pop!Tech, Utopiales, Argonauts of the Noosphere, and many more science-fiction conventions than it’s possible to list here. She can be found on Facebook and Pinterest, tweets as @cadigan, and lives in North London with her husband, the Original Chris Fowler, where she is stomping the hell out of terminal cancer.

Pat Cadigan is Clarion West’s 2017 Susan C. Petrey Fellow.