Announcing the Instructors for Clarion West’s 2022 In-Person Summer Workshop

Clarion West is thrilled to announce our plan to return to an in-person workshop for 2022!

With excitement, we announce the instructors for our 2022 Six-Week Summer Workshop:

The Clarion West 2022 Six-Week Summer Workshop will take place from June 19 – July 30, 2022 in Seattle. Applications for the 2022 Summer Workshop open in December 2021. Each year, Clarion West is able to provide full and partial scholarships to a significant number of applicants, thanks to our generous community of donors and sponsors.

Founded in 1971, Clarion West holds a six-week workshop each summer geared toward helping writers of speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and horror) at the beginnings of their professional careers. Each workshop is limited to 18 students, and each week features a different instructor, a highly regarded author or editor offering a unique perspective on the field. Applicants and students come from everywhere in the world, and graduates frequently go on to professional success.

Please keep an eye on our website for new information this fall. It is our full intention to hold the workshop in an ADA accessible facility in 2022. More information, and our corresponding FAQ, will be available soon. In addition to changing facilities, we have been working with a team of alumni and instructors to evolve our workshop culture and create protocols towards equity, empowerment, and innovation.

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