Week 2 Write-a-thon Partner: Seattle Urban Book Expo!

[Edit 6/30/22: Check out our Q&A video to learn more about what S.U.B.E. does!]

Write-a-thon is in full swing, but there’s still plenty of time to join the fun as we head into our second week of six – register here to access our free Discord community, classes, sprints, and more: https://secure.qgiv.com/event/clarionwestwriteathon/.

Clarion West is excited to partner with Seattle Urban Book Expo (S.U.B.E.) for Week 2! Keep reading and stay tuned to our social media to find out ways you can support S.U.B.E. and the important work they do for improving inclusivity in the book world. S.U.B.E. will also be teaching a class on character building today, June 26 at 11am PT. (Registering for Write-a-thon will give you access to this class, as well as all others.)

We had a chat with Jeffrey Lee Cheatham II, the head of S.U.B.E., to share a little about the what and why of this awesome organization:

What is the mission and vision of your organization?

S.U.B.E.’s mission is to provide writing and promotional services for self-published authors of color.

How long have you been doing this amazing work?

We started our journey in October 2016.

What is the coolest thing that has happened for your organization?

This coolest thing that has happened to us is that we have collaborated with people of color-led writing organizations in multiple states in the U.S. (including Georgia, Texas, and Florida), as well as in Toronto, Canada.

What is the best speculative fiction book or story you’ve read recently?

The most recent speculative book I read was Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I look forward to reading the second volume in the series.

What do you see as the role of the speculative (science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural horror across media such as literature, TV, games, comics, film, etc.) in making our world a better place?

Speculative fiction expands the imagination. The genre creates the conversation of what is possible to see, hear, and feel from a fictional world produced on multiple media platforms.

How can Write-a-thon participants get involved with your organization and your programming?

Participants can follow us on our website and social media handles (Instagram, Facebook). We have our 5th Seattle Urban Book Expo coming up on August 14th, 2022 and we would love for participants to share and attend the event to support local BIPOC authors.

Thank you again S.U.B.E. for your contributions and partnership!

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