Introducing the Clarion West Class of 2014

Clarion West is honored to present the Summer Workshop Class of 2014:

Adanze Asante, from Brooklyn, New York

Alexander Berman, from Los Angeles, California

Christopher Nickolas Carlson, from Beijing, China

Curtis C. Chen, from Vancouver, Washington

Shannon Fay, from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Folly Blaine, from Seattle, Washington

Rich Larson, from Edmonton, Alberta

Michael Matheson, from Toronto, Ontario

Ian Muneshwar, from Somerville, Massacheussets

Chinelo Onwualu, from Abuja, Nigeria

Sandra Martins Pinto, from Porto, Portugal

Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein, from Portland, Oregon

Anthony Bell, from Stanwood, Washington

Michael Smith, from Seattle, Washington

Julie Steinbacher, from Baltimore, Maryland

Yang-Yang Wang, from Snohomish, Washington

Marlee Jane Ward, from New South Wales, Australia

Alison Wilgus, from Brooklyn, New York

Congratulations to all!

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