Speculative Fiction Trivia Night: A Clarion West Fundraiser (with image of Curtis C. Chen, quizmaster)

Trivia Night Is Coming!

Calling all ensigns, pirates, dungeon crawlers, and apprentice witches!

Think you have what it takes to outwit the competition? Clarion West is bringing you our second annual Speculative Fiction Trivia Night–now fully online! Support our accessible and low-cost writing workshops by signing up, forming a team or joining one at random, and choosing your ship captain. This year’s team captains include:

  • Fleet Commander and Quizmaster Curtis C. Chen (captain of the Waypoint Kangaroo)
  • Seanan McGuire (captain of the Middlegame Mantis)
  • Greg and Astrid Bear (co-captains of the Darwin’s Loom)
  • Crystal Connor (captain of the Darkness)
  • Andy Duncan (captain of the Beluthahatchie)
  • Julia Rios (captain of the Escape)
  • Cat Rambo (captain of the Kittywumpus)
  • Brooks Peck (captain of the Curator)
  • and more recruits on the way!

Join us on Saturday, October 17th at 6pm PDT for the toughest trivia night in the galaxy! Also featuring:

Video questions from celebrity guests!

Prizes “imported” from the farthest reaches of the cosmos!

Whatever pan-galactic gargle blasters you want to drink at your console!

Need something to look forward to? Join a team:

  • $5 Join any team—we’ll place you on a team of like-minded speculative fiction fans (bragging rights went to one of these teams last year!).
  • $15 Join a team with one of our celebrity team captains!
  • $45 Bring your own team. Up to a maximum of 12 players. Have all your geekiest friends in one place for a chance to earn your super powers.

Teams will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Featuring video clues and questions from celebrity guests! This annual event will be held online; no googling the answers, or you’ll be shown to the airlock.

By participating in any Clarion West activity, you are agreeing to our Code of Conduct, the Clarion West Harassment Policy, and our Zoom Guidelines.

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