Important Workshop Updates

The 2022 Six-Week Workshop is planned to be in person in fully accessible facilities from June 19–July 30, 2022. We will be asking for proof of up-to-date COVID-19 vaccinations when accepting students.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, Clarion West and our partner facilities reserve the option to return to a fully virtual workshop in 2022 if there is any question of risk to the health and safety of our staff, instructors, and students.

Clarion West charges a nonrefundable application fee of US$35 for applications submitted by January 31, 2022, and $60 for applications after February 1. The fee is payable via PayPal. For insurance reasons, you must be 21 or older to take the workshop.

Applications close at 11:59 pm Pacific Time on February 10, 2022.

If you have any questions about the application process or if you encounter trouble submitting your application, please let us know at Service glitches and outages can and do sometimes occur.

2022 summer workshop application

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Clarion West is on track to host our workshop in a fully ADA, wheelchair-accessible location in 2022. If you have questions about mobility, please review our workshop FAQ or email us at

Basic Information

Enter phone number as 2066668888, not (206)666-8888. Thanks.

The following information is confidential and is used to better understand who is applying to the Clarion West Writers Workshop and if we are meeting our mission goals. Answering any of these questions is optional, but will help guide Clarion West through our intentional and holistic review process and may help direct our future outreach efforts.

Online Workshop Information
Clarion West plans to hold the Six-Week Workshop in person in 2022; however, if health and safety precautions require it, we will hold the workshop virtually. Please answer the following questions related to your preparedness and/or needs to complete a virtual workshop successfully. Your answers will not affect our acceptance decisions, however they will allow Clarion West to seek appropriate accommodations or additional scholarship requests as needed.

Short answers section (200 word limit)
Please use this section to help us get to know you better. There are no wrong answers! Just be honest. You can write up to 200 words in each response, but there is no need to fill the entire space if you can say what you want to in fewer words.

Writing samples
Please upload your writing sample in a single document. *You have three choices of what you may submit:
a) up to two short stories of up to 6,000 words each (12,000 words total)
b) a longer story of up to 10,000 words
c) a novel excerpt of up to 10,000 words with a synopsis of up to three pages
*There is no need to max out the word count. Send us the work you feel best represents your current abilities and goals as a writer.

Please follow proper manuscript format. Your manuscript should be formatted in 12-point Courier font and double-spaced, with one-inch margins. It should not exceed the word limit, even if it includes a synopsis. Set your margins flush left and do not justify the text.

PDF, DOC, DOCX, or RTF files only. Please do not upload ODF files.

Please enter the title/s and word count. If your file includes more than one story, list all. Example:
Two short stories (4,000 words and 2,700 words)
Novel excerpt (8,500 words) with synopsis (1,000 words)

If you are applying for scholarship aid, please complete the below questions so we can determine your eligibility. This information will be kept confidential. (For a full list of scholarships, visit

General information
Please fill out the scholarship data before submitting your application. If necessary, save your data and resume later.

Monthly Income
(Please list your estimated monthly income; this can be an average of your typical income if your income is from more than one source.)
Monthly Expenses
Note: if you share any of these, please indicate the portion for which you are responsible (e.g., if you pay half of the $1000 rent for a shared apartment, you should report $500 for "mortgage/rent")
Your Workshop Expenses

Tuition/House/Partial Board*                     4800

*This includes lunches and dinners seven days a week, with some breakfast fixings.
Additional scholarship application information
By submitting this scholarship application, you are granting Clarion West permission to provide your application materials (your name, location,  and story or stories) to the individual donor(s) of any scholarship you may receive to attend the workshop. We will not forward any financial information without your express permission. More information
Please check your data for completeness and accuracy, then submit your application.