Clarion West announces new One-Day Workshops

Clarion West is pleased to announce six new One-Day Workshops this winter and spring:

January 22, 2017 with instructor Curtis C. Chen
Synopses and Queries: How Do They Work?

February 19, 2017 with instructors Ted Kosmatka and Jack Skillingstead
Scene One: The Rocketry of Fiction

March 5 with instructor Kat Richardson
A Matter of Character: Writing Beyond the Character Sheet

April 2, 2017 with instructor Hannu Rajaniemi
Technology and Magic as Characters

May 21, 2017 with instructor Randy Henderson
Level Up as a Writer

June 4, 2017 with instructor Helen Marshall
Landing the Gut Punch: Finding Emotional Resonance in Fantastic Fiction

Visit the One-Day Workshops page to learn more.

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